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        Rust In Pieces Classic Car and Truck Parts


        is passionate about parts to complete your classic or vintage auto project. Located just outside Stony Plain, Alberta off the Parkland Highway, we carry parts and accessories for Ford, Chev, and Dodge vintage vehicles. Parts for restorations, customs, hot rods, maintenance.

        We specialize in classic Ford parts from NOS (new old stock), jobbers, and new and used.

        We sell chassis parts, interior and exterior parts, and accessories.

        We are an authorized dealer for American Autowire, United Pacific Industries, Metro Moulded Parts, and Buckle-Down, Inc.

        Are you looking for parts that are no longer in production? We have older, hard-to-find parts for 1920's to 1980's era trucks and 1920's to 1960's era cars. We can often supply quality used parts to restore your vehicle at a fraction of the cost of new parts.
        Offering parts and accessories for Ford, Chev and Dodge

        Reproduction, NOS, direct replacement and aftermarket

        Wiring kits
        Rubber products  
        Interior parts
        • and more
        American Autowire
        Buckle Down
        Metro Molded Parts

        We are constantly replenishing our stock and adding more parts

        Often we have complete automobiles for restoration projects or as donor vehicles for your current project. And at times we may have vehicles for sale that are road-ready. These vehicles are not limited to Ford products.

        Owner Terry Brige has been interested in cars and trucks since he was a kid. He became a mechanic in 1994, and has been in the automotive parts business since 2006. He started Rust In Pieces in 2012 as a budding entrepreneur and to supply demand through online sales, car shows, and swap meets. April, 2019 brought about the opening of a retail location to enable year-round support and personal contact with the car/truck community.

        If you have any questions regarding old parts or vehicles, contact Rust In Pieces and we will be happy to assist you with your request. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we will try to source it or put you on the “want list”.

        Drop into our showroom today, or check our online PARTS selection.
        Rust In Pieces Ford Car


        11 Avco Lane, Parkland County
        (11 - 54014 Range Road 275)
        Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3V4
        Terry Brige
        Payment Options